I’m a photographer who took a 20 year “sabbatical” in the late 1990’s to focus on a successful career in music and writing. Later, after returning to college in 2010, I began a career as a therapist specializing in substance use disorders. The recent technical leap in smartphone image quality has offered an ease and freedom untethered from traditional gear that has reignited my love of photography. 

I was trained at The Art Institute of Boston in the early 1980’s where I studied documentary photography. During my early years as a professional, I became proficient in Platinum/Palladium printing and also printed custom silver gelatin and C prints professionally.

Besides my early love  of “street” photography, I have always been attracted to the strong graphic compositions of artists like Harry Callahan and Elliot Porter. Over the years I’ve kept my feet wet in the art, making images and working on various projects that interested me. 

My most recent work centers on naturally occurring abstract reflected forms and found shapes in nature, specifically water.

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